The first interactive, collective and contributory TV !

We face an unprecedented time in history, and while we can’t meet face-to-face, it is more important than ever that we come together !

For ten years, makesense has been building communities that address our world’s biggest challenges. Our work won’t stop now. makesense TV is our answer to staying connected, at a distance. Each day we will offer new and exciting content to connect, inspire and empower all of us to make a difference.

Have you found yourself lost on your instagram feed at 3am? Do you suddenly miss the smell of your coworker’s lunch? Do you wonder how you can help from behind closed doors? 

If so, you’re not alone.

makesense TV brings together experts from around the world to share tips, advice, and practical tools to face our immediate challenges. We aim to offer inspirational programming in a time of crisis.  We want you to leave each episode feeling energized and equipped to handle whatever life throws your way.
We also plan to have a little fun !

Come together

It’s fair to say that no one was prepared for such a sudden upheaval. How can we face this challenge together? Can we keep our hands clean and our heads clear? How can we balance our emotions in a time of chaos? Can we support the most vulnerable in our communities from our doorstep?

makesense TV will give you ideas, tools and the network to reinforce solidarity in a time of crisis.

Navigate the work-from-home life

What is the difference between my dinner table and my desk? How can we adapt and learn to work differently? How can we virtually promote team spirit?

makesense TV will provide advice based on 10 years of experience facilitating communities online. We will share concrete practices to reinforce effectiveness and creativity.

Build the world of tomorrow

What can we learn from social distancing? How do we remotely build the future we want to see? How can we collectively be an engine for social and environmental change?

makesense TV will give you the tools to make a difference from your sofa. We will collectively work to transform our future and build a society that is sustainable, resilient, and united.

A good laugh

We all need a little humor in our lives. makesense TV presents #smile – a series of lighthearted comedy skits and play dates. Let your inner child live – sing karaoke, learn reiki, dance for the revolution!

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