About makesense

In 2010, makesense was born when a bunch of young people had the idea of banding together to support social entrepreneurs around the world. We were thrilled to see how global citizens instantly connected, so we formed makesense: a community driven by the common desire to help innovative entrepreneurs meet important societal and environmental challenges.  

With hundreds of citizens and social entrepreneurs around the world, we strategically invest in local solutions to the most pressing issues of our time. We simultaneously grow communities around these issues. Our recipe for success includes collaborating with governments and local businesses to scale transformative solutions. We intentionally customize the best solutions based on unique community needs, so that each community feels the most significant and positive impact.

We are proud to have engaged more than 130,000 citizens around the world to create a more inclusive and sustainable society. These citizens act and scale solutions to solve their most pressing challenges in more than 100 cities and 45 countries around the world.

makesense is currently managed by a team of +90 people located in 7 offices: Paris, Mexico, Dakar, Manila, Beirut, Lima and Abidjan.

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